Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Star Trek LCARS On My Android

Star Trek LCARS theme for Android mobile smart phones
Having been using an Android mobile phone for some time now, I've actually scoured the web for a Star Trek theme for a really long time. Results were always the same. Similar to a search for cash in my wallet, nothing of note if anything at all.

I began to wonder if my sense of desperation to fulfill that geeky need to have some kind of trekker (or trekkie) looking phone device in my hands, the way one would feel when stuck in the middle of an empty plain with bursting bowels, would ever find relief.

Then it dawned on my wilting mind that I could dig a hole myself, instead of waiting for a kind passerby. Starfleet didn't prepare me for this.

Now I have my own little Star Trek inspired theme on my Android, and I feel a little closer to the future. And my mind is back in space. Or probably just pretty much spaced out as usual. I still pretend to be a handicapped Vulcan who goes through pon farr every seven hours. Ok, maybe I'm not pretending.

Feel free to get it too, if you are using an Android smartphone and have a little urge to have a similar look installed. Just take a look at the LCARS Star Trek theme for Go Launcher on Google Play (link) and make it so. Oh yes, you'll have to use Go Launcher Ex to use this theme, which comes with a host of very cool features too. If you really like it, and you do use it, my deepest thanks to you for buying me a drink. If you should pop into Ten Forward, I'll bring some Orion slaves along to entertain you.

Live long and prosper. Even if your planet has been destroyed by a reboot.