Thursday, October 25, 2007

Two Sides of the Gender Coin

Went for a movie after several requests with a female friend I know online. It wasn't really a show I wanted to watch, but she was bored and offered to fetch me home after, so not having anything much to do, I met up with her. Free movie, free ride home, what the hell, and she's quite a nice person to talk to anyway.

Its interesting when I think of how some of them have men clamouring for their attention, yet, being unavailable on my part, they ask me out instead.

I guess its mostly the perception that being unavailable, they will not be harrassed or stalked by unwanted attention. Admittedly not all supposed "unavailable" men are safe, but I'm rather pleased they think I am. I figure it stems from the fact that they're already happy with the man in their life and when the fella's away, they want some company without having to fear for certain advances by male friends?

Or perhaps just a woman who simply wants a male friend to come out, without having to make him come. *LOL*

Perhaps in the faceless and yet oddly over friendly connections online, people open up and chat about stuff they hardly say in real life, even to their closer friends. I know I do, at times.

On the one hand we have women who despise men who constantly only want to enunciate their libido online in the hopes of a real life situation, on the other, the same women get emboldened when they "meet" a guy who isn't. No complaints from me really, considering it is rather entertaining and fun, listening and teasing at times without the obligation to follow up.

Possibly the slight ego boosts resulting from these opposite gender chats make life seem less boring. But its nice to know platonic friends do exist between separate genders.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Warming the Globe

The world came together for 24 hours yesterday to warm the globe.

In response to a message to halt global warming in various ways, singers and all, grouped around in concert venues around the world, to entertain and "send a strong message" to the world. This was done before huge throngs of people around the world gathered together, who then responded to the message by leaving a huge mess of garbage at concert venues.

Even more people around the world, helped contribute to global warming too. Literally. And not in the way organisers would have probably realised. Millions and millions turned on their TVs longer than usual (together with their lights and other electricals) staying awake through the night, helping make electricity usage soar throughout the world. All our helpful Neros fiddling while Rome burned.

Did you play a part and help contribute?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Gardening In Your Fridge

Saw some dumbass advertisements on TV recently. Yes, I was bored, so I actually watched the ads in between some shows.

Amazing. Did you know Motorola has a phone out now that can actually fight AIDS in Africa? Wow. The technology takes my breath away. But probably only because I was muttering over how utterly dumb and irritating the ad was. I'd sure like to see anyone who has that phone show me how the phone can actually fight AIDS. Come on, place it on the table, hold it, whatever. Lets see it in action, baby. Can't wait to see how it does what they say it does. Could it be some kind of new "Transformer" that can transform into a little robot and fly to Africa as "Captain AIDS"? Oh wait, its not doing anything is it? Don't tell me a percentage or whatever profit goes to a fund to fight AIDS. Thats not what the ad said.

You know, my mobile can prevent AIDS and STDs. Hell yeah (I can call some asswipe who frequents hookers and advise him on the probabilities of catching AIDS or some other fuck disease).

Reminds me of a Miss Singapore contestant some time back, who said her mobile phone can send out radiation to all her friends. Maybe Motorola discovered a way to send radiation directly to AIDS patients in Africa to help treat the disease.

Another ad had this local celebrity couple and family selling refrigerators. The cute daughter actually asks a very good question for a kid, "Why are the vegetables so green?".

Guess what the clever dad tells the kid? "Because of the sun!" Yeah yeah, so he goes on to say, it stimulates photosynthesis. Dumbass. Didn't they hear the question right? The question was, "Why are the vegetables so GREEN?" not "How do the vegetables grow?". Chlorophyll makes the plant green. Go read up on the sun or photosynthesis, idiots. Its amazing that they can't even act smart. Soon they'll think the sun can stimulate their brain cells.

Even better, mother goes one step further and teaches the kid that its just like their fridge! Which apparently has a simulated miniature sun inside. Imagine the technology here. Sun in fridge. Makes you realise there could also be a black hole where their brains should be. And the look of motherly pride as she glows when the daughter says they can grow vegetables in their fridge, priceless. These people need to refrigerate their brains (shouldn't take much space in the freezer) till a cure for stupidity can be found.

One thing tho', I'd love to see the kid put that answer in her test papers in school. Well, at least you don't need to be smart to be an actor. Or sell refrigerators. Or mobile phones.